About JetX Game

JetX is a new and unique game that will amaze you with its simple interface. Here you will receive emotions unforgettable of to win! All you need to win is your reaction and your ability to correctly assess the situation.

In addition, JetX players have advantages. Two additional screens will show you the statistics of your beginnings pasts and victories of all JetX players. You can use them to understand the game's algorithms and decide that bet make.

The game moves the player to the airstrip where JetX is about to take off. all participants make yours bets before the plane takes off. The possible bet sizes are in the information field. after the start from the round, the odds start to increase, which has no limit on its increase. The amount can vary from 0 to infinite. Odds that are too high are unlikely, but still possible.


Use bonus code +150% and +500% to play JetX. To do so, enter the code word - jetxbonus. Of that way, you can easily increase your JetX earnings

Victory is in your hands! Winning depends on your reaction and the chosen strategy. The main thing is to remove The amount before the plane crash. Click the "Collect" button in time to complete the round, then collect your earnings.

Start with a small bet to better understand the game. Gradually increase your stakes, but don't more than can spend.

OR (At the beginning, bet an amount that does not reach your wallet.)

In addition to simple winnings, players can win the big jackpot, the Galactic Jackpot. to win the jackpot, as odds must be greater than 1.5x and your bet must be greater than $1.

Game Overview

The mechanics of Jet X are configured with a high probability of winning for players. On the contrary in others games where randomness decides. In Jacto X, you choose whether to pick up a small prize now or run a risk and get more.

Where to play Jet X

Selecting the right sites to play Jet X. Only our sites with a Curacao license or will keep The saved from scammers.


Curacao license guarantees fair play. We do not interfere in the game and pay all winnings! our support technician is always ready to answer any questions. Analyze your bets, winning history and create your own strategy. Play Jet X and get high odds in the New Year!